Farwood Custom Home Builders are still building homes because we do quality work at an honorable price. Thanks to computer drafting software, waiting for a 3rd party to make costly changes to a customers plan is a thing of the past. Custom floor plans, elevations, 3-D renderings, and sqft pricing can be generated in a matter of hours.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday / 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday / 11:00am to 5:00pm

Contact Info

T: + (904) 501-6260
F: + (904) 797-9189
E: russellf@bellsouth.net

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Custom Home Kitchens

This kitchen is from a recent custom home we completed on Santa Monica Ave in Saint Augustine Florida.  The custom home was a perfect example of when modern meets vintage in perfect harmony.  100% real wood pine floors throughout the home, tall 10' ceilings throughout, and many more features.  The full gallery will be posted soon!   customhomekitchen

Custom Home Design

I have built many block homes and have a crew that usually finishes a block home in a day, I'm posting a home built in Oakbrook that was done in Oakbrook for a classy couple, who where in New Jersey waiting to retire, also put in a beautiful pool, only catch was they bring me Polish chocolate when they visited. A very pleasant job.

Custom Home Davis Shores

Jim and Debbie are all settled in. Check out the pics below and see what they had to say on the customers page.